Larry Jon Wilson - New Beginnings (1975) Let Me Sing My Song

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This is a re-up of a lost souls torrent.

Larry Jon Wilson - New
Beginnings / Let Me Sing My Song To You [2011][FLAC]


FLAC / Lossless / Log (100%) / Cue
Label/Cat#: Omni Recordings / OMNI-146 / Deluxe Collector's Edition  
Country: USA
Year:  2011

1. Ohoopee River Bottomland 
2. Through The Eyes Of Little Children 
3. New Beginnings
(Russian River Rainbow) 
4. The Truth Ain't In You 
5. Canoochee Revisited (Jesus Man) 
6. Broomstraw
Philosophers And Scuppernong Wine 
7. Lay Me Down Again 
8. Melt Not My Igloo 
9. Things Ain't What It
Used To Be (And Probably Never Was) 
10. Bertrand My Son 
11. Drowning In The Mainstream 
12. Let Me Sing
My Song To You 
13. Sheldon Churchyard 
14. I Remember It Well 
15. Ballad Of Handy Mackey 
Think I Feel A Hitchhike Coming On 
17. Willoughby Grove 
18. Life Of A Good Man 
19. Kindred Spirit 
20. Farther Along

overdue reissue of the first two albums by this mysteriously overlooked singer-songwriter/cultfigure. Larry Jon Wilson
made these albums in the mid-'70s for a country label, but his music is much richer and genre bending than the country
tag might indicate. He's a highly literate and occasionally very funny writer (see "Melt Not My Igloo"), a bit
of a bluesman in the vein of Tony Joe White(check out the swampish opening "Ohoopee River Bottom Line"), and
the possessor of a rich, vibrato-laden baritone that recalls Fred Neil.

It's therefore astonishing that at
the time these records first appeared they were heard by hardly anybody except peers like Kris Kristofferson and Townes
VanZant. They've hardly dated at all (the production is surprisingly tasteful for mid-'70s Nashville) and anybody with a
taste for the two above-mentioned good old boys should purchase this immediately. 

Smoky, elegant
storytelling that drifts through a southern gothic haze and over a funky backbeat. Such is the unique and criminally
underappreciated songcraft of Larry Jon Wilson. Ahead and possibly outside of his time Wilson cut a handful of stellar
yet neglected LPs for Monument Records in the mid-1970s. The first two are presented here in all their smouldering soul
groove glory. From the windswept country-fried funk of Sheldon Churchyard to the heartfelt muse of Bertrand My Son,
Wilson was praised and revered by his peers (Kristofferson, Van Zandt, Newbury et. al.) but passed over by the Nashville

Larry Jon Wilson, ambassador for the soul country.


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